Meet Charlotte

In 2018, the voters of District 6 elected me to serve as your representative on the Duval County School Board.

It has been an honor to serve you in this capacity and I appreciate your desire to become informed as we move closer to the August 23rd election day when this race will be decided.

I believe School Board policy should be directed, at least in part, by an experienced educator who has worked in a Duval County public school and has the experience to effect positive change in both the academic performance of our children and in the work environment of our teachers, administrators, and staff.

In my first term, I relied on these experiences to advocate for, among other things, fiscal accountability and transparency. In fact, I successfully fought for the creation of the Audit Advisory Committee (“AAC”) to the Duval County School Board. This committee, made up professionals in the fields of accounting, auditing, and finance, are volunteering their time to work with the Board in the oversight of its over $2B budget.

Charlotte Joyce for School Board

If re-elected, I promise to advance the following four priorities at every opportunity:

  • Parental Rights in Education – Ensuring that School Board policies foster and maximize the opportunities for parents to be involved in the education of their students.
  • Financial Accountability and Transparency – To ensure taxpayer trust, the School Board, aided by the recently constituted AAC, must be open and accountable for its use of taxpayer dollars.
  • School Safety and Student Discipline – Prioritizing school hardening to keep our students safe and advocating to strengthen the student code of conduct so that our teachers can focus on teaching.
  • Teacher Retention and Support – As a former teacher, I understand the enormous burdens borne by our teachers. If re-elected, my objective will be to ensure that the culture and climate of each school are reflective of the respect and encouragement our faculty and staff deserve.

If you agree that the School Board should include the voice of an experienced educator and are willing to join me in advancing these priorities, please vote for Charlotte Joyce.

Together we can turn Duval County into a destination for parents who want their kids to receive a world-class education.

Charlotte’s Background

Charlotte has the background, education, and experience to fulfill her commitments to her constituents.  She  was born and raised on Jacksonville’s westside. She attended Joseph Stilwell Jr. High (now known as the Joseph Stilwell Military Academy of Leadership) and graduated from Edward H. White High School (now known as the Edward H. White Military Academy of Leadership). After graduating from the University of North Florida, magna cum laude, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science, Charlotte began her teaching career at Joseph Stilwell where she served as both a teacher and as the school’s Magnet Coordinator. As an educator, Charlotte gained a first-hand appreciation for the joys and challenges that are common to all students and teachers. As Magnet Coordinator, Charlotte developed an in-depth understanding of academic and discipline data, the budget process, market development, ESE training, student incentive promotions, and the need for parental involvement.

Because of Charlotte’s experience as a magnet school mom, she knew that successful schools require invested parents. She founded the Leadership Booster Club at Stilwell to develop community support and raise money for the magnet program.  Experience has taught her that each child is unique and, as a result, may need a specialized program to maximize the likelihood of success. For this reason, Charlotte is a champion for school choice. She has witnessed, in the transformation of Joseph Stilwell, how Duval County’s magnet school program has transformed communities and lives.

Charlotte’s collective experiences, as a mom, educator, and School Board member, provide her with tremendous insight into the means and methods that generate positive improvements, in both the academic performance of our children and in the work environment of our teachers, administrators, and staff.

Thank you for your support

Please vote on August 23rd

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